Project funded

Happy to announce that our new project: Catalysis using Group 13 metal complexes and organometallic reagents (CatMetGroup13) has been proposed to be funded by the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. Congratulations to everyone !!!

PhD finished !!!

Yesterday was a great day in the group, Ramón presented his PhD Thesis !! Congratualtions for this excellent work !!

PhD defense

Next April 22, 2022 at 11:00 AM in the conference room of CICA Ramón Millán will presente his PhD work entitled: Determinación de la estereoquímica de telepamida y enigmazol C mediante cálculos computacionales, reacciones de cicloisomerización de 1,5-eninos catalizadas por indio(III), y síntesis total de ircinialactama J

New publication

The New Year brings a new publication as a consequence of a collaboration with Prof. Robert Maleczka at Michigan State University. In this article we probe the synthetic utility of indium organometallics in the synthesis of aryl boronic esters.

Congrats Ramón !!!

Ramón, congratulations for the excellent article just published in JOC. A really beautiful piece of work !!!

New undergraduate students !!!

Despite the lab space limitations due to COVID-19 three new enthusiastic undergraduate students, Aldara Asenjo Rodríguez (left), Rubén González Peteiro (center) and Juan Luis Méndez Alvarez (right) have joint the research group to prepare their final degree work.

Predoctoral fellowships Xunta de Galicia

Congratulations to Raquel and Ana for the predoctoral fellowship of the Xunta de Galicia earned. We are convinced that two excellent PhD Thesis will arise in due course.

Special Issue on Advances in Cross-Coupling Reactions

The journal Molecules publish an Special issue on Advances in Cross-Coupling Reactions. Guest Editors: José Pérez Sestelo and Luis A Sarandeses

Master’s extraordinary award for Ana

Today Ana da Lama recevied at the Paraninfo of the University the extaordinary award of the Master in Chemistry Congratulations Ana !!!  Well done !!!


Title: Diethynyl allenes: structure, synthesis and chemical properties. Speaker: Ricardo Riveiros Place: Meeting room 10:30AM

Christmas lunch

Great Christmas lunch after the group meeting.

Seminar September 27

Seminar: Indium in cross-coupling and catalysis: past, present and future Presenting: José Pérez Sestelo Place: 17:30 at Theater room CICA

New PhD Student

Wellcome to Raquel Pérez Guevara who joined the group as PhD Student.  

Master presentation

Master presentation Last Monday 15, our master students presented and defended their excellent research with high qualifications. Congratulations Ana, David and Fabio !!!

New article from the group

Great news from JOC !!! A new contribution from José María’s Thesis has been just accepted in JOC. For details see: Congratulations to all !!!

New publication in the group

A new research article from the group has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Organic Chemistry ( Congratulations to everybody, specially to Monse who managed the submission and many more. Well done !!!

July 1

A new Doctor in the group !!! Last Friday José María defended successfully his Doctoral Thesis achieving the highest qualification Sobresaliente Cum Laude. Congratulations José María  

Our Master Students, Ana da Lama, David Vázquez and Fabio Seoane

Our Master Students, Ana da Lama, David Vázquez and Fabio Seoane show at CICA their research project with occasion of the annual meeting of Master en Investigación Química y Química Industrial. Excellent !!!

Biennial meeting of the RSEQ

In the Biennial meeting of the RSEQ in San Sebastian, Ramon Millán will present a communication with his research on indium catalysis: Indium-catalyzed cycloisomerization reactions of aryl substituted 1,5-enynes. Well done !!!

Research position

The group offers a research position during a year starting in September 1st, 2019. The research activity will be related with the project Indium in Cross-Coupling and Catalysis. The aim of the position is to hire a new student for a Doctoral Thesis.